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Women’s slippers, flip-flops and mules — ready for the nice weather! It’s easily one of the best feeling ever, when the warmer days come, and we can wear our favorite pair of slippers basically every day, without anyone batting an eye. Slippers become more and more comfy, the more we wear them, and once we get used to them, it’s heartbreaking to get back into wearing sneakers and boots again. Luckily, we can enjoy them during the whole summer, and thanks to the huge variety of slippers, flip-flops and mules available, they aren’t only a backyard accessory anymore. In an elegant pair of thick heeled slippers, we can take a stroll in the city, attend a summer party, or even go to work. Sports slippers for women are great for taking a walk in nature, while going to the beach is simply unimaginable without a pair of flip-flops. Hop Hop Shop offers you an extremely big assortment of women slippers, flip-flops and mules for the summer! Be in style, and purchase a pair of flip-flops with a tiny heel, choose the feminine and elegant mules with zircons, or bring a bit of color into your life with a colorful, bright pair of slippers! If your focus is comfort, you can always get a pair of comfy sports slippers with a belt to keep your feet in place. You absolutely have to have a few pairs of colorful and comfortable flip-flops with every pair of swimwear you own. If unusual models are more up your alley, you can get a pair of slippers with fur, knitted ones, or slippers with a shiny metallic finish.


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