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Summer boots – more than a passing trend. News flash – winter isn’t the only season for boots! Summer boots have gained quite the popularity in the past few years. A couple of years ago, only the bravest of us had the courage to pull off boots during the summer. Today each and every one of us has (or should have) at least one pair of summer boots in our shoe closet. Summer boots come in a huge number of varieties – there are different colors, styles, materials, patterns, and they can be easily paired with flowy summer dresses, maxi skirts, daring miniskirts, or those shorts that we wear all the time during the hot summer days. Thanks to the conveniently placed holes, weavings, lace parts, and other creative solutions, summer boots provide ventilation, and keep our feet comfortable. Beside that they look great, they are a great alternative, if we’re tired of wearing sandals all the time. Get your pair of summer boots online, from the comfort of your home! Hop Hop Shop offers a great variety of gorgeous summer boots, from chic high-heeled ones, to cut-out ankle boots. Whether you like neutrals or bright, patterned boots, black or white soles, velour, metallic or a shiny finish, summer boots will fit right in with every outfit!


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