Plain color women slippers

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Plain color women slippers — minimalism and comfort Slippers are without doubt the most comfortable type of footwear. Everyone loves to wear them inside the house, but outside too! Plain color slippers are elegant, and they’re easily combined with every outfit. They don’t attract too much attention, and aren’t a huge fashion statement, but they nicely complete every style. Luckily, comfort is in style this year, and anatomic slippers have never been prettier. The offer comfort to our feet, while being beautifully designed, so we can wear them anytime, anywhere. Furry slippers are a huge trend this year. Fur isn’t only for house slippers anymore — fur details can be found on slippers for outside wear too. You can find a wide assortment of plain colored slippers in our online store. We have soft furry slippers, open slippers with belts, slippers with zircons, but minimalist slippers to, without any decoration. Anatomic slippers with fur combine the two most important factors when choosing footwear — style and comfort. Belts are also in style this year — you can choose from zigzag belts, thicker or thinner ones, belts with a big buckle, or sporty Velcro belts. In our assortment you can find flat anatomic shoes, and for a more feminine look, we also have slippers with a higher heel.


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