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Women’s boots for rain, snow and formal occasions. We absolutely have to have at least one pair of winter footwear to keep us warm, when the colder season arrives. The newest trend places the focus on comfort and wearability, and more and more women decide to invest in quality. This season’s biggest trend is the flat soled boot, and knee-high boots have also made a big comeback. If you want to look as feminine as possible even in the snowy winter days, you can’t go wrong with a pair of boots with thick heels, which provide stability and comfort. It the online store Hop Hop Shop! you can find the practical waterproof nylon boots for the gloomy, rainy days. Thigh-high boots with a thicker heel make our every step feminine and ladylike, and we can’t forget about the classy velour boots, which are a great alternative to leather boots. We have a big collection designed specifically for the cold, snowy winter days, including high, soft boots, sporty nylon snow boots, and lace up boots. Pointy boots with a small kitten heels, and boots with a shiny finish are also in style this season.


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