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Women’s flats for fall and winter Many ladies prefer flats to high heels, and they almost exclusively wear flat shoes to work, or when running errands. They are elegant, but not too fancy, they’re comfortable, and they are easily combined into every outfit. It’s easy to find flats, sandals and ballet flats for summer, but what can you do, when the colder season arrives? Luckily, the newest fashion trends let us enjoy the comfort of flats all year round. We can wear closed to ballet flats with a pair of trendy dotted pantyhose, or with warm wool socks, if we really want to make a fashion statement. For the rainy days, a pair of high top shoes, half shoes or Oxford shoes are all a great choice. Hop Hop Shop carries a huge assortment of fall and winter flats. Velour models, high top lace-ups, flats with bows, belts and other interesting details can all be found in our collection. Oxford shoes and flats with a shiny finish are back in style! For those who prefer ballet slats, we have a wide assortment of pointy flats, flats with zircons, and even flats with fur lining! If you’re looking for a more elegant pair, we recommend a high top, lace up shoe with a thick heel.


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